Episcopal Commission for Health Care (EC - HC) [2003]

Date Published: 21 Jun, 2016

Address : CBCB Centre, 24/C Asad Avenue,
  Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh
Phone : (0088 02) 912 3108 / 912 7339
: Most Rev. Moses Costa, CSC, D. D.  
Bishop of Chittagong
Secretary : Dr. Edward Pallab Rozario
:Caritas Bangladesh
2, Outer Circular Road, Shantibagh, Dhaka -1217
Mobile(00 88)  01730082241

Aims and Objective:

  1. To indicate policies for Health Care ministry of the Church;
  2. To proclaim the Gospel of love and mercy of Jesus in serving the sick;
  3. To spread, explain and defend Church's teachings on health issues; and (d) To assist in the Christian and professional formation of Christian health workers: doctors, nurses and others.