Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace (EC - JP) [1974]

Date Published: 21 Jun, 2016

Address : CBCB Centre, 24/C Asad Avenue,
  Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh
Phone : (0088 02) 912 3108 / 912 7339
Chairman : Most Rev. Gervas Rozario, D. D. .
  Bishop of Rajshahi
Secretary : Theophil Nisharon Nokrek
: Caritas Bangladesh
2, Outer Circular Road, Shantibagh, Dhaka-1217
Phone: (00 88) 01713384068
Publication: Newsletter: 'Nyajyata'

Aims and Objective:

  1. To delineate clearly the main injustices in the country and to ascertain their causes;
  2. To suggest remedies to the Bishop's Conference and to the Church for correcting these injustices;
  3. To create awareness of social issues, Christian solutions and the need for unified planning among the clergy, religious and laity;
  4. To register grievances, a judged prudent, to relevant authorities over obvious injustices; and
  5. To suggest ways to aid victims of injustice and oppression.
6.a. Desk for Migrants and Itinerant People [2010]