National Seminar on Second Vatican Council

Date Published: 10 Jun, 2013

In this Year of Faith, remembering the 50th anniversary of the starting of the Second Vatican Council in 1963, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Bangladesh and the Holy Spirit Major Seminary jointly organized a National Seminar on the Second Vatican Council – A Revisiting of its Four Constitutions held at CBCB Centre on June 4 – 7, 2013.


Altogether 108 participated in the seminar which includes the Bishops, priests, religious, laity, representatives of Christian organizations and members of other Churches. The seminar began with a welcoming dance performed by the aspirants of the RNDM Sisters, lighting of the candles and welcoming speeches by Fr. Joyonto Raksam (Convener) and Archbishop Patrick D’Rozario CSC. Bishop Theotonius Gomes CSC shared about his personal experience of the Second Vatican Council who was studying in Rome at that time. Each participant also introduced themselves in the opening ceremony which was conducted by Mr. Chayon H. Rebeiro. The purposes of the seminar were to study together the four constitutions of the Second Vatican Council, its impact on and to identify the challenges of and also it’s responses by the Church in Bangladesh. The Constitutions were presented by Fr. Patrick Gomes (Dei Verbum); Archbishop Patrick D’Rozario CSC ((Lumen Gentium); Bishop Gervas Rozario (Gaudium et Spes); Bishop Theotonius Gomes CSC (Sacrosanctum Concilium). Later on Archbishop Patrick D’Rozario CSC gave a brief presentation on the history and translation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church in Bangla and Fr. Adam S. Pereira CSC presented the content of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. No doubt to say that the Catechism of the Catholic Church is the fruit of the Second Vatican Council. At the end, Bishop Theotonius Gomes CSC presented the pastoral planning for the Church in Bangladesh based on the Second Vatican Council from 1985 onwards. Finally, the secretaries of workshops presented consolidated reports in the plenary assembly for further discussion.



After each of the presentation for one hour and half on the major topics the participants were divided into groups for workshops for an hour and half with a facilitator. The objective of each workshop was to study in a group the topic assigned with participation of everyone in the group. Each facilitator of a workshop presented a 15-20 minute presentation in the group on the topic: Constitutions on DV, LG, GS and SC: its impact on and challenges of and responses by the Church in Bangladesh. Facilitators moderated the participants to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions on the impact, challenges and responses which were recorded. Four secretaries (Fr. Eugene Anjus CSC, Fr. Jyoti F. Costa, Fr. Patrick Simon Gomes and Fr. Ajit V. Costa OMI) of the workshops summarized  the main findings of the group discussion and presented a consolidated report of each workshop in the general session.



Fr. Jyoti F. Costa moderated the concluding ceremony where the participants were able to share their opinions of the seminar and came out with some recommendations. Fr. Joyonto Raskam, Convener of the Seminar thanked everybody for active participation and making the seminar a great success. Archbishop Patrick D’Rozario CSC presided over the concluding Eucharistic Celebration.