Seminar for Bishops of Asia

Date Published: 30 May, 2011


FABC – Office of Clergy organized a seminar for Bishops of Asia on “Bishop as Father, Brother and Friend of Priests” from May 16 – 21, 2011 at the Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand. Archbishop Patrick D’Rozario CSC and Bishop Bejoy D’Cruze OMI attended this seminar. Archbishop Patrick D’Rozario CSC was one of the panel members of one of the sessions. Altogether 45 Bishops from 8 member countries of FABC gathered there. Bishop Vianney Fernando and Fr. Lawrence Pinto, Chairman and Executive Secretary of FABC Office of the Clergy were among the organizers. The participant Bishops found the theme relevant, inspiring and challenging for their ministry in Asian context.



The objectives of the seminar were:


-         to discuss and reflect deeply on the Ministry and Mission of the Bishop as the Shepherd of his flock, with the collaboration of priests;


-         to enhance his awareness of his own sanctity in order to be an example to his priests and the faithful of his diocese;


-         to help reflect deeply on his significant role as the Father, Brother and Friend of his priests as Servant Leader in Christ.



During the seminar the following challenges and difficulties in the episcopal ministry were identified: pressure of work, loneliness, and inadequate material and non-material resources. The tension between the educated-alert laity vis-a-vis the less talented/educated clergy in some areas; the challenge of science and technology; inability to cope with the raid pace of modern life. The demands of inter-religious dialogue, fundamentalism, terrorism, etc. there are also difficulties met in efforts towards inculturation: local culture vis-a-vis monoculture/westernization, impact of materialism, consumerism, hedonism, ecology, media, hunger, poverty and disease.