Reflection of Christian Community on the recent situation of the country

Date Published: 10 May, 2013

Peace and Welfare to All:


Reflection of Christian Community on the Recent Situation of the Country

On behalf of Bangladesh Christian Community we extend our heartiest greetings and wishes to all the people of the country.

As Christian Community in Bangladesh , we are always in communion with the people of the country in sharing their joys and hopes, sorrows and sufferings. We are always delighted when we hear appreciation of our dear land and its people both from within and outside of the country. Recently the top religious leaders of the Christians of the world have expressed their appreciation and extended blessings to our country and the people. We do the same.
 Despite various conflicting situations, disasters, violence and suffering our great joy and pride is that many of our poor and ordinary people can maintain and nurture human dignity with unwavering heart and conviction. The second cause of our joy and pride is the fact that for centuries, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and followers of other religions and culture have been traditionally living in strong harmony and peace.  In this harmonious and peaceful living was inherent their dignity and honor for many decades.  


After the colonial period independent nations were created in 1947 based on religion; and the consequence was the creation of religious majority and minority in the concept of nation and state.  This religious distinction brought about a big challenge to our religious, cultural, ethnic harmony and peace.  Every successive government tried to respond to the above challenge according to its own way and ability.  However, because of our aspiration of freedom, struggle and finally liberation in 1971, the long and steadfast tradition of peace and harmony our religious, cultural and national identity received constitutional and state recognition which we have been enjoying all along.  In our national identity, every person of every religion has the right to profess and practice his faith, has been clearly articulated.  To safeguard this principle is a full of challenge; but cannot be subject o violation.  

Each religion shall have its own religious teaching and practice is a good objective; and efforts to achieve the objective is just.  If these are justly done, then, instead of causing harm to other, these will promote unity in heart.   It is hoped that all those responsible in the state, civic life, social organizations and persons belonging to different religions, should be very attentive to safeguard this unity.  We are very much worried and saddened by the kind of religious attitude upheld in general and in some cases the harms being done to the religious minorities, places of worship, religious objects and freedom. These are totally contrary to the pervading harmony and peace of our country.  We strongly desire the end of all these counter forces and activities.  We also believe that equality of man and woman, freedom of religious practices, not to hurt the believe and interfere in the practice of faith of others, freedom of speech, etc. have foundations in the constitution of the country. There is a constant need of nurturing and fostering these basic foundations for progress and  advancement of our country and the nation. This is our ardent prayer that all of us maintain our heritage of harmony and peace in all spheres of national, social and religious life.

It is important to keep in mind that dignity of human life of the poor and ordinary people is protected and promoted.  We are satisfied to see so many benevolent well wishers both within and outside of the country support for development of the poor and downtrodden brothers and sisters. Huge foreign investment in ready made garments in the country and especially creating jobs and developing standard of living for the poor young brothers and sisters is considered as a light of hope for the country. But that has been affected by multi-faceted injustices and pain which have culminated in the recent Tragedy at Savar.  This tragedy at Savar has greatly shocked  the nation and made the people immensely grieved.  In this situation, for immediate solution, the urgent attention is needed from state agencies, political, social and religious persons and the foreign buyers in order to take concrete steps.  

The main reason of our political unrest is that the poor and ordinary people are not in the centre of political discussion, decision and programs. We believe that present unrest would subside if ordinary people’s good will and strength, their culture and understanding of religion, suffering in economic life, like present situation of the laborers, common good of the people, etc. would come as the principal and focus of all political thoughts and programs.

Our country is journeying towards celebrating within a few years, its Golden Jubilee of Independence. Our national resources are our peace, harmony and protection of the dignity of our common people. These resources are to be further enriched so that Bangladesh continues to grow and develop journeying with its head high. We appeal to the state agencies, political, social and religious persons to uphold prosperity of the country. We offer our prayers and best wishes to all.

Archbishop Patrick D’Rozario, csc.

Archbishop of Dhaka
 President, United Forum of Churches in Bangladesh

May 8, 2013