25th National Christian Writer’s Workshop – 2017

Date Published: 4 Sep, 2017

The Episcopal Commission for Youth organized the 25th National Christian Writer’s workshop on May 09 - 13, 2017 at CBCB Center. From 8 Dioceses altogether 39 participants benefited from this workshop. The presentation in the workshop included: Spot report, News feature, Report writing and presentation, Bengali Literature, Christian Bible and its translations, and Panel discussion. The speakers were: Mr. Shangkor Shaha, Mr. Atul Francis Sarkar, Mr. Titas Rozario, Sister Shikha Gomes, CSC and the panelists were: Mr. Syed Mazharul Parvez, Mr. Theophil Nokrek, Mr. Vincent Khokon Corraya, and Mrs. Dipali Gomes.