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Official Information's of Dhaka Archdiocese

Secretary                               :           Fr. Patrick Simon Gomes

Asst. to Administration            :           Fr. David Gomes

Cashier and Accountant           :           Sr. Mary Sanchita, smra

Office Secretary                      :           Sr. Mary Hima, smra

Archdiocesan Officials :

Auxiliary Bishop & Vicar General:      Most Rev. Shorot Francis Gomes

Judicial Vicar                          :           Fr. Mintu L. Palma

Chancellor                              :           Fr. Theotonius P. Rebeiro

Inter Diocesan Ecclesiastical Matrimonial Tribunal (Archdiocese of Dhaka) Tribunal-1 (Dhaka, Chittagong,  Mymensingh, Sylhet)

Judicial Vicar                           :           Fr. Mintu L. Palma (Dhaka)

Associate Judicial Vicar             :           Fr. Theotonius P. Rebeiro (Dhaka)     

                                              :           Fr. Norbert Niren Mrong (Mymensing)

Judges                                    :           Fr. Abel B. Rozario (Dhaka)

                                              :           Fr. Simon Hacha (Mymensingh)                                             

Defender of the Bond                :           Most Rev. Theotonius Gomes, CSC (Dhaka)

                                               :           Most Rev. Shorot Francis Gomes (Dhaka)

                                               :           Fr. Gabriel Corraya ( Dhaka)                                      

Promoter of Justice                    :           Fr. Lawrence Toppo (Sylhet)                                                  

Notaries                                    :           Fr. Kamal A. Corraya (Dhaka)

                                                :           Fr. Jacob Swapan Gomes (Dhaka)

                                                :           Fr. Subroto B. Gomes (Dhaka)

Vocation Directors                      :           Fr. Tushar James Gomes (Con)  

                                                :           Fr. Ruben Gomes


Finance Committee                     :           Most Rev. Patrick D' Rozario, CSC

                                                :           Most Rev. Shorot Francis Gomes  

                                                :           Fr. David Gomes

                                                :           Fr. Subrato B. Gomes

                                                :           Mr. Joachim Gomes                            

Director of Pontifical

Mission Societies                        :           Fr. Patrick Simon Gomes

Masters of Ceremonies                :           Fr. Peter Channel Gomes

                                                :           Fr. Ruben Gomes

Censor of Books                          :           Fr. Theotonius P. Rebeiro

Supt. Of Schools                         :           Mr. Michael Botlero

Diocesan Consulters                    :           H.E. Cardinal Patrick D' Rozario, CSC

                                                            Most Rev. Shorot Francis Gomes

                                                            Fr. Theotonius P. Rebeiro

                                                            Fr. David Gomes

                                                            Fr. Kamal Corraya      

                                                            Fr. Subrato B. Gomas

                                                            Fr. Mintu L. Palma                                                                               

                                                            Fr. Patrick S. Gomes

                                                            Fr. Khokon V. Gomes

                                                            Fr. James Cruze, CSC

                                                            Fr. Gian Paolo, PIME

                                                            Fr. George Ponodath, SJ

Archdiocesan Committee for Land and Construction (ACLC)

  1. E. Cardinal Patrick D' Rozario, csc.

                        Most Rev. Shorot Francis Gomes

                        Fr. David Gomes

                        Fr. Kamal Corraya

                        Fr. Mintu L. Palma

                        Fr. Albert T. Rozario

                        Fr. Patrick S. Gomes

                        Fr. Khokon V. Gomes

                        Dr. Benedict Alo D' Rozario                                       

Archdiocesan Pastoral Coordination Committee (APCC)

  1. Most Rev. Shorot Francis Gomes (Con)
  2. Mr. Jyoti Gomes (Sec)
  3. Catechetical and Biblical Commission
  4. Fr. Shipon Peter Rebeiro (Con)                              
  5. Sr. Mary Lorensa, SMRA (Sec)
  6. Dialogue Commission
  7. Fr. Shyamol L. Rego (con)
  8. Fr. Thomas Corraya / Fr. Ronjit C. Gomes (Sec)

III.       Justice and Peace                                            

  1. Fr. Liton Gomes, CSC (Con)
  2. Ms. Kusum Gregory (Sec)
  3. Health Commission
  4. Fr. Lintu Costa (Con)
  5. Sr. Nirmola Cruze, CSC (Sec)
  6. Bishop Emeritus Theotonius Gomes, csc
  7. Family Commission
  8. Fr. Albin Gomes (Con)
  9. Mrs. Probha Rozario (Sec)
  10. Education Commission
  11. Mr. Jyoti F. Gomes (Con)
  12. Sr. Mary Christina, SMRA (Sec)

VII.      Liturgy Commission               

  1. Fr. Ruben Gomes (Con)
  2. Sr. Mary Josepha, SMRA (Sec)

VIII.     Youth Commission     

  1. Fr. Tusher James Gomes (Con)
  2. Sr. Mary Angelica, SMRA (Sec)
  3. Laity Commission
  4. Fr. Jyoti F. Costa (Con)                             
  5. Mr. Chayan Rebeiro  ( Sec)                       
  6. Communication Commission
  7. Fr. Bulbul A. Rebeiro (Con)
  8. Fr. Tapan B. Rozario (Sec)
  9. Vocation Committee                                       
  10. Fr. Subrato B. Gomes (Con)
  11. Fr. Ruben S. Gomes (Sec)                          

XII.      SCC / BCC Committee

  1. Fr. Kunjon Maybert Quiah (Con)
  2. Fr. Chanchal H. Pereira (Sec)

XIII.     PMS Committee                      

  1. Fr. Patrick S. Gomes (Con)
  2. Sr. Mary Trishita, SMRA (Sec)      

XIV.    Evangelization Committee

  1. Fr. Gain Paolo, PIME (Con)
  2. Mr. John Swapon Gomes (Sec)
  3. Archdiocesan Land Committee
  4. Most Rev. Shorot Francis Gomes (Con)
  5. Fr. Abert T. Rozario (Sec)

XVI.    Committee for Vocation and formation of Diocesan Seminarians

            Chairman :  Most Rev. Shorot Francis Gomes

            Convener :  Fr. Subrato B. Gomes